Jenny Blake

 Growing up in the Southern Highlands, my six siblings and I were encouraged to play, explore, and investigate nearby pond, paddocks and bush land. We had a free range upbringing, many hours were spent in nature. My imagination flourished, instigating a life time of appreciating nature and people.

My aim is to tell stories, of the fragility and strength of people and nature. I use a diverse range of material and mediums, making abstract landscapes, portraits, mixed media, assemblage work, and installations. When painting landscapes I prefer to work with non-traditional tools, creating layers, peeling back and adding further layers, working the surfaces to mimic nature. My approach to portraiture work is deeply considered. I want to get to know the sitter and observe personality subtleties. I become intensely focused during the painting process. I place the almost finished portraits in my living space so I can live with the painting. I believe by cohabiting I will see the painting in all levels of light and different angles. This is a very important part of my process. My art practice is forever changing and evolving. I continue to learn, explore, finding joy in playing with new materials. I am open to new challenges and continue to learn, experiment with all art forms.  

Instagram: jennyblakeartist

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