Jodie Cunningham


Director & Facilitator, LFC. Jodie has over 25 years experience as a practicing artist and regularly exhibits in group and solo exhibitions. Her last major art exhibitions were‘ Canberra Journeys’ a public art collaboration with Place Laboratory for Woolley St Dickson, 2019;  a solo exhibition of images about transformation, ‘Bloom’ at M16artspace, 2018. Jodie lives in a hot pink house, makes art in her studio at the M16artspace and works as CEO & Artistic Director at Craft ACT: Craft & Design Centre. She previously worked as Assistant Director, ACT Historic Places; and Senior Education Designer and Lecturer of Visual Art and Design at Canberra Institute of Technology. She delights in making the world more colourful, parenting her gorgeous children, managing her menagerie of pets;  and creating engaging art, museum and learning experiences.

Artist’s Statement

A self confessed chromaphile, Jodie Cunningham has an obsession with colour, circles,  pattern and  the delights of perspex. She trained as a painter and also works with public art, installation, drawing, digital imaging, sculpture, jewellery and design. Her work deals with the themes of abstraction, symbolism, ornamentation, colour, play, place, community, architecture, emotion, memory, sustainability and transformation.

Instagram: jodiecunninghamart

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