Julie Herring


Julie resides in Australia with her husband and fur-children. Julie completed her Certificate IV in Visual Arts in 2014 at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and is currently completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Art and Design at ANU part time, while working full time as Business Analyst. Although she has finally escaped the cubicle farm, for the working from home personal Groundhog Day experience she longs for a time when her days are filled with creative expression.


Artist’s Statement

Julie is inspired by nature, human nature, the metaphysical and esoteric, poetry and philosophy.  Ageing is driving her to ask questions of herself, to look inside, to reflect.  Julie is currently exploring mental health, identity and middle age through intuitive mark making allowing the materials to guide and speak.  Allowing the process of creation to be guided by the materials and Julie’s intuition she hopes to learn about herself and the human condition.

Julie has always dabbled in visual arts, whether it was drawing, textiles, printmaking, design, mixed media or photography. She enjoys all the visual arts and has a love of textiles and textile art. Julie believes textiles are one the, if not the, most intimate of all arts and craft disciplines.  We cannot go a day with contacting textiles. We wear them, we clean with them, we use them ceremonies, capture memories with them and create them and create with them.

Contact: herringj902@gmail.com
Website: julieherring.com.au
Facebook: JulieHerringVisualArtist
Instagram: herringj

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